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Aluminum-Fence-CompanyAluminum fencing is a low-maintenance metal fencing alternative to rod iron fencing but looks similar to our many of our ornamental iron projects. Aluminum fencing has the same visual appeal as rod iron fence; with clean lines and a sophisticated appearance. It also has the same security features as a steel fence and can be installed with spear-topped pickets as an additional security measure.

Normally, an aluminum fence will never need any maintenance, since it will never rust or fade. The raw fence material is powder coated, which is an extremely durable and long lasting method of protecting the metal. The powder-coating process applies an epoxy or polymer-based dry powder, which is then heated and fused to the metal. The powder coating, when applied correctly, will never peel or fade. Empire Fence ensures that the powder coating process is done 100% correctly and guarantees its work.

Empire Fence is one of the main distributors of Alumi-Guard which is the top rated aluminum fence manufacturer!

Aluminum fencing is installed differently than rod iron fencing. Rod iron is steel and is welded together, where aluminum is assembled by snapping and screwing together. This assembly method doesn’t negatively impact its strength, but it doesn’t allow for the same design flexibility as a rod iron fence.

One unique feature of the assembly nature of aluminum fencing is the fact that it can be “raked” to accommodate any land grade changes. A panel of aluminum pickets easily adjusts to follow land contours, making installation simpler and quicker.

Choosing the best type of solution for your residential fence project or industrial fencing project involves many variables. Please take a minute to contact our professional fencing consultants for a no-obligation assessment of your project. Our sales consultants will provide honest and accurate information on the best choice for you. 



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“Les is easy, and helpful in filling the gaps….He understands all that’s behind what’s needed behind a bid and can accurately figure out the dollar amount. They are great at providing options when not clear designs. Les has the ability to come up with a design and figure out a the right price for it.”

Drew from Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Vinyl & Chain Link Commercial Fencing “The team installed my flower shops new fence. We had both a vinyl and chain link section done. Quick , efficient and under my budget. Great job guys!”

Lisa M. Jan 2017

Responsive.  Accurate.  Helpful.  Competent.  Qualified. I get quick response and many of our projects have details that still need to be worked out to finalize design and achieve the goals of the project.  Empire Fence is always willing to assist in that process and develop some ideas that we can use to shape the project. […]

Matt from Hayden Construction