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Empire Fence is a proud supplier and one of the largest distributors of Alumi-Guard which is the top rated aluminum fence manufacturer, made right here in the United States!

If you have been looking for fencing that offers a combination of affordability, versatility, and zero to minimal maintenance: look no further than Aluminum.  

While aluminum is similar in appearance to your typical wrought iron and steel: when it comes to versatility, it exceeds other options available.  Aluminum is offered in a wide range of designs, grades, sizes and color options to perfectly complement your home and yard or office.  Additional custom options, colors and enhancements are also available upon request.

It is versatile enough to be suitable for any project, whether your land is flat or sloped.  It is also typically easier on the wallet than both steel and wrought iron.  Plus, with the benefit of being low-maintenance, aluminum fencing is an investment that can save you money in the long run because unlike steel, it will not rust and therefore will not require a new coat of paint every couple of years.  Just a simple hose down with water when needed will do the trick. Perhaps the best part of aluminum’s low-maintenance quality is that fact that it’s so easy to clean.

Most aluminum fencing materials are produced from recycled aluminum making it environmentally friendly as well.  It can potentially last a lifetime, withstanding wear and tear better than wood, steel, chain link, and even wrought iron. 

Choosing the best type of solution for your residential fence project or commercial fencing project involves many variables. Please take a minute to contact our professional fencing consultants for a no-obligation assessment of your project. Our sales consultants will provide honest and accurate information on the best type aluminum fencing and gates for you. 



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“Les is easy, and helpful in filling the gaps….He understands all that’s behind what’s needed behind a bid and can accurately figure out the dollar amount. They are great at providing options when not clear designs. Les has the ability to come up with a design and figure out a the right price for it.”

Drew from Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Vinyl & Chain Link Commercial Fencing “The team installed my flower shops new fence. We had both a vinyl and chain link section done. Quick , efficient and under my budget. Great job guys!”

Lisa M. Jan 2017

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Matt from Hayden Construction