The Benefits Of Aluminum Fencing

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Aluminum fencing is a common choice for swimming pools. However, aluminum fencing is becoming a preferred solution to alternative metal fencing throughout the U.S for more than just pools these days!

A well-built fence lets in light and allows for visibility while also protecting the property or pool,and preventing accidents. Aside from being stylistically pleasing aluminum fencing offers several advantages as a fence. These include the following. 

Aluminum Fencing Benefits

The Benefits Of Aluminum Fencing

Versatility: aluminum fencing is very versatile with several design options. You can adjust the height, color, caps, and other design aspects to fit a variety of landscaping styles. It also works well on slopes and hills as well as flat surfaces.

Handles Different Landscapes: not all landscapes are flat and many properties may be surrounded by slopes or hills due to landscaping preferences. An aluminum fence has the ability to rack meaning that the fence adjusts to any slopes while the overall fence height remains even. This results in a uniform fence without any holes or gaps.

Rust Resistant: unlike an iron fence aluminum resists corrosion and will not rust. Aluminum will also not rot or fade making it a long-lasting solution when compared to other fencing materials.  This is especially beneficial because many properties have sprinkling systems that corrode and discolor the privacy or security fence.

Low Maintenance: when compared to other fencing materials aluminum requires far less upkeep. As noted above it doesn’t rust, rot, or fade in addition to that aluminum also doesn’t require regular restaining or paint touch-ups. The powder paints used to paint aluminum last for decades without signs of wearing out.

Save On Resources: while not every aluminum fence meets green production standards many are made of recyclable materials and are also able to be recycled when replaced. This makes it a good solution for property owners concerned with sustainability.

A Safe Choice: the chief purpose of a pool fence is for safety reasons. Access to a pool has to be carefully controlled to protect children, pets, and in some cases adults from accidents. An aluminum fence is very sturdy and its foundations are planted deep into the ground. This creates a protective barrier that is not easily bypassed and one not easily damaged by the environment or weather.

Color Choices: even when picking a fence a lot of property owners are selective about colors as they want the fence to match their existing landscape color choices. Luckily aluminum fences have several color options such as black, white, beige, bronze, walnut, silver, and others so can be more customized to match the house or commercial buidling. 

Final Thoughts

As the above facts show aluminum fencing should be one of your top choices when looking for a pool or a commercial fence. When considering fencing products in California, Arizona, New Mexico, or the city of Las Vegas contact Empire Fence today for a free onsite consultation. We are the only distributor for top rated Alumi-Guard.  Their high-quality aluminum fencing solutions are sure to meet your needs.

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