Why do you need to install an aluminum fence for your pool?

Posted By Admin on 5 February 18 Aluminum Fencing,Fence Installation,Metal Fencing

Installing a fence around your swimming pool is central to enhancing both safety and aesthetic value of your home. Statistics reveal that almost 300 kids under the age of five in the US drown in a swimming pool every year. It, therefore, becomes essential for pool owners or facilities that entertain children to invest in […]

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The Benefits of Using Pressure-Treated Wood for Fencing

Posted By Admin on 5 January 18 Fence Installation,Fencing,Wood Fencing

Home owners with visions of a white picket fence built for their house or farm, or one that will provide them with more privacy, may want to consider the benefits of using pressure-treated wood as fencing material. Pressure-treated wood is a feasible alternative to other fencing material for several reasons. Knowing its qualities will help […]

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Arizona Insurance For Your Home – What is Needed and Why?

Posted By Admin on 12 December 17 Fencing

The recent disasters in California, Texas and Florida and brought many concerns to homeowners Arizona requires home owners to carry insurance on their property, but how much should you carry and what kind? Insurance companies recommend that the home owner carry four different components of coverage. Structure Most people carry enough insurance to cover the […]

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Aluminum Fencing Vs Iron Fencing

Posted By Admin on 17 November 17 Aluminum Fencing,Iron Fencing

Aluminum fencing and gates are a  low-maintenance metal fencing alternative to rod iron fencing but looks similar to our many of our ornamental iron projects. Our Aluminum fencing and gates have the same visual appeal as rod iron fence; with clean lines and a sophisticated appearance. It also has the same security features as a steel fence […]

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4 Reasons to Choose Metal Fencing For Your Home

Posted By Admin on 6 November 17 Fencing,Metal Fencing

When you are looking to improve your outdoors for security or aesthetics, metal fencing is the best option for you. It adds privacy to your yard and enhances the safety for your family. There are many options for choosing the fence materials. If security is your primary concern but you don’t want to compromise the […]

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Types of Custom Fences to Install around Your Home or Business

Safety. Security. Protection These are the three words that come to the mind of a home owner or business when he/she is looking for a reliable residential or industrial fence to install. With the market flooded with advanced designs for medium and high perimeter security, it is important to be able to choose the right […]

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5 Reasons Why You Should Opt for Automatic Gate Systems

Posted By Admin on 22 August 17 Automatic Gate Systems,Fencing,Security Fencing

Urbanization and growing infrastructural development has increased the need for automation in industrial and residential sectors. Automatic gate opening systems integrated with electronic components such as proximity sensors, actuators and controlling software reduce human effort in opening and closing of gates thereby reducing overall cost of labor. Automatic gate systems are primarily used in areas […]

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Major Benefits of Installing Security Fencing for Your Business

Posted By Admin on 18 August 17 Fence Installation,Security Fencing

Business, big or small, involves a good investment. You need to take necessary security measures to safeguard your business premises from all sorts of trespassing and encroachment. Proper industrial fencing can be an effective solution in this respect. There are a wide variety of benefits that security fencing offers.   Choosing the Right Security Fence […]

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Preplanning For Chain Link Fence Installation

There are several things to do before putting in a chain link fence on a property. People put these fences in for various reasons, including that they can help enhance the security of small children and family pets, which is a good thing. They also can act as real boundary lines between co-located tracts of […]

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How to Find the Best Security Fencing

Posted By Admin on 11 July 17 Metal Fencing,Security Fencing

Businesses face many challenges such as low sales, marketing, planning, and asset protection. Physical security is important to protecting assets and guarding against criminal threats. Many businesses think that all fencing is created equal. This tutorial lays out the steps for how to find the best security fencing.   Identify Potential Threats Hazard analysis is […]

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“Les is easy, and helpful in filling the gaps….He understands all that’s behind what’s needed behind a bid and can accurately figure out the dollar amount. They are great at providing options when not clear designs. Les has the ability to come up with a design and figure out a the right price for it.”

Drew from Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Vinyl & Chain Link Commercial Fencing “The team installed my flower shops new fence. We had both a vinyl and chain link section done. Quick , efficient and under my budget. Great job guys!”

Lisa M. Jan 2017

Responsive.  Accurate.  Helpful.  Competent.  Qualified. I get quick response and many of our projects have details that still need to be worked out to finalize design and achieve the goals of the project.  Empire Fence is always willing to assist in that process and develop some ideas that we can use to shape the project. […]

Matt from Hayden Construction