Our mission is to be the most reliable fence company in the Southwest by providing the highest quality engineering, designs and installations at competitive prices


Design, Consult, Manufacture, Install — Empire Fence is Your Arizona Fence Company

 Since 1986, Empire Fence has been one of the top choices for Arizona businesses and homeowners needing fence manufacturers and high-quality fence contractor based in Phoenix AZ. We are a locally owned and operated fence company, and our goal is to be the leading source for high quality, well-designed and professionally manufactured and  installed fencing, and gate operators. Empire Fence is a licensed contractor in Nevada and California and has completed several projects in Southern California, Las Vegas, Northern Arizona, Tucson, and Casa Grande

Our competitive pricing is only one aspect of what we bring to your project. Our skilled sales/project management staff is the reason for our success and why we have gained the trust and business of so many clients. We don’t believe in high-pressure sales, and our staff will spend as much time as necessary before quoting to ensure that we meet your fence needs and design specifications.  The goal of our sales team is to provide the best solution (consulting and technical specification advice) for your commercial project at the most reasonable cost.working with architects on pre-designs specifications and budgets

A well-designed and installed fence should add character to your property while accomplishing its primary purpose. We are a full service fence contractor and install company servicing all of Arizona, California, New Mexico and Nevada. We produce all our fencing on-site which allows us to not only ensure top quality but also eliminate any supply issues.  


We welcome the opportunity to review your Commercial Fencing or Residential Fencing needs so we can create an affordable but quality product for you. Please call us or fill out the fencing quote request and we’ll get back to you!



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“Les is easy, and helpful in filling the gaps….He understands all that’s behind what’s needed behind a bid and can accurately figure out the dollar amount. They are great at providing options when not clear designs. Les has the ability to come up with a design and figure out a the right price for it.”

Drew from Adolfson & Peterson Construction

Vinyl & Chain Link Commercial Fencing “The team installed my flower shops new fence. We had both a vinyl and chain link section done. Quick , efficient and under my budget. Great job guys!”

Lisa M. Jan 2017

Responsive.  Accurate.  Helpful.  Competent.  Qualified. I get quick response and many of our projects have details that still need to be worked out to finalize design and achieve the goals of the project.  Empire Fence is always willing to assist in that process and develop some ideas that we can use to shape the project. […]

Matt from Hayden Construction