How to Find the Best Security Fencing

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Businesses face many challenges such as low sales, marketing, planning, and asset protection. Physical security is important to protecting assets and guarding against criminal threats. Many businesses think that all fencing is created equal. This tutorial lays out the steps for how to find the best security fencing.


Identify Potential ThreatsRazor Fencing for Security Fences

Hazard analysis is new to many businesses. But it is critical to identifying your business’s physical security needs. A hazard analysis begins by listing all potential threats such as weather, historical criminal activity, type of information stored, and type of facilities.

Example #1

A computer data center in Omaha, Nebraska is beginning the planning process for security fencing. The analysis found the local area has had five break-ins in the last 10 years, has averaged two severe thunderstorms a year, harsh winds and temperatures are experienced during winter, the power grid is stable, information stored by the company includes credit card and social security numbers, and the campus comprises 4 buildings with small alleys between them.

These facts illustrate several potential threats including:

  • Weather
  • Physical Break-Ins
  • Power Failure


Rate the Risk Level

You have a list of potential threats. Next, assign a risk score to each threat. A risk score rates each potential hazard based on potential business impact and is a number between one and five with one being the lowest and five being the highest.

Example #2

The risk scores for each potential hazard is listed below. 

  • Physical Break-In has a risk score of 5
  • Weather has a risk score of 2
  • Power Failure has a risk score of 3


Identify Security Fencing Goals

This step answers one question, “how can security fencing protect against these threats?”  Your answers to this question provide the needs for your project. Next, you state goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and given a time deadline. The time deadline will be created with your security fencing company. Goals create a foundation for interviewing potential contractors and streamline the rest of the planning process.

Example #3

The example company identified these goals for their fencing project:

  • Be high enough and include add-ons (such as barb wire) to protect against physical break-in
  • Be able to withstand high winds, severe thunderstorms, and harsh winter conditions
  • Augment perimeter fencing with secondary fence around electric generators


Create a List of Potential Security Fencing Companies

It is time to identify the best security fencing company to meet your identified goals. Your favorite search engine will list all fencing companies in your area and serves as your list’s first draft. Focus this list by taking out contractors that specialize in fencing for residential properties.

Further Focus Your List

An initial interview shortens this list further. During the initial contact, discuss the goals that you identified for your fencing project and the potential company’s ability to meet them. You also want to find out about their past projects, project management they offer and type of maintenance and repair services offered.  You may need to leave a voicemail or message to get a knowledgeable salesperson. How fast they respond to your first call will illustrates how responsive they are when it comes to delivering a quality product.

Get a Written Estimate

The last deciding factor is cost. Ask each company for a written estimate that includes a list of materials, estimated amount of labor, and estimated completion time.

Pay attention to any disclaimer, especially any discussion of how overruns are handled. Pay attention to whether over runs are paid by you or them. Some companies will deliberately produce a low estimate and include a disclaimer. You want to find a company that offers a fixed price, like what we do at Empire Fence. Remember, they will likely not be the cheapest estimate but will cost you less headaches and money in the longrun.

Many businesses focus on areas that create income. Physical security is given a lower budget, moved to the back burner, and not given much thought.  Unfortunately, most owners realize the true cost of this after a break-in. The planning steps listed above will ensure proper implementation the first time and reduce later surprises and costly rebuilding later. 

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