Why do you need to install an aluminum fence for your pool?

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Installing a fence around your swimming pool is central to enhancing both safety and aesthetic value of your home. Statistics reveal that almost 300 kids under the age of five in the US drown in a swimming pool every year. It, therefore, becomes essential for pool owners or facilities that entertain children to invest in a quality built protective metal fence for safety purposes.

Most states in the US lack federal laws governing pool fences. However, states like Arizona and Florida have developed stringent pool fencing laws. For instance, homeowners residing in Arizona are required by law to enclose with adequate fencing any contained water bodies having a width exceeding eight feet and more than eighteen inches deep. The legal obligation shouldn’t be the sole force compelling you to fence your swimming pool, saving a child’s life is equally important.


Metal Pool Fencing Installer in AZTypes of Pool Fences

After deciding to install a fence around your swimming pool, you are probably wondering which styles are available for you. There are numerous types of pool fence with each having its unique features. Such options include a wrought iron fence, mesh pool fence, aluminum fence, glass pool fence and wood pool fence among others. This article will give you an insight into the aluminum fence and why it’s the most preferred material among pool builders.


Why Aluminum vs Iron Fencing For Your Pool?

Aluminum fencing denotes a form of metallic fencing featuring a powder coating that forms a protective cover over the metal. Most people confuse this style of fencing with wrought iron fences. However, wrought iron is typically heavier and more prone to rust thus necessitating routine painting for proper maintenance. Conversely, aluminum fencing is not only very durable, but it is also relatively lightweight. It is available in the basic 6’ panels featuring a bottom and top rail and pickets being held together using rivets and screws.


Advantages of Aluminum Fencing

While a wrought iron fence is known to be very sturdy, aluminum is a way less expensive option that will afford you access to the same quality. Aluminum fences will come with similar, superior appearance to those of wrought iron fences, yet they are much lighter. More benefits to be derived from using aluminum fence include:

  • Since aluminum pool fence doesn’t rust, you will not be required to protect it as much. Besides, the majority of aluminum fencing comes with powder paint coating that is relatively durable. This is in addition to requiring minimal maintenance in the long run while being fade resistant thus you might never need to refinish it. However, specific environments that are wetter than normal will require you to perform some routine maintenance to prevent possible corrosion, but much less than ornamental iron fencing
  • Aluminum fence is not only incredibly cost-effective; it also comes in a wide range of color options. Such include bronze, black, green and white. Most homeowners go for black to create an elegant wrought iron appearance for their home. You will be spoilt for choice because of the different powder finish, or you could just get it customized to suit your existing outdoor décor. Besides, this pool fence has narrow rails and pickets, which minimizes obstruction of your scenic view.

There are many options of fences to choose from that can help you to create a safe and secure pool area. Your ultimate choice should be informed by cost-effectiveness, durability and aesthetic appearance. This is where aluminum comes in handy; this lightweight yet durable pool fence option is easy to work with and requires minimal maintenance as compared to steel or iron fences. If you are looking for affordable, custom designed aluminum fencing option, contact Empire Fence Company today to get pricing or learn more about our fence options!


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