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Industrial-Security-FenceSecurity fencing has become a very important product in recent years. While certain institutions have always had the need for a security fence, many other businesses and facilities are becoming security-conscious and are taking pre-emptive steps to protect people and property.

Empire Fence has installed security fencing for many Arizona businesses and governmental institutions over the years and can consult with you to determine what level of security fencing you need. We use Ameristar Fence products for our steel security fencing projects. They are the largest ornamental steel fencing manufacturer in the world and offer a broad selection of products and options, including:

  • Crash Rated Bollards – Bollards can be installed near entrances or other vulnerable locations on the property to prevent a vehicle from crashing into buildings or violating the perimeter. Bollards have different levels of crash rating, and Empire Fence can design a bollard system that meets or exceeds your requirements.
  • Steel Fencing – Steel fencing provides a high-level of perimeter security. The design of the fencing makes it much harder to scale, and it can be topped with wire razor wire if desired. Ornamental Steel security fencing is very versatile in that it can be designed to enhance the look of your facility while giving it protection.
  • Chain Link – Chain link might not sound like it fits in the security category, but it is a cost-effective solution when designed properly. Chain link can be installed in two or more rows and is easily top with barbed or razor wire. Also, curved, anti-climb chain link installation is available – this is a popular installation in detention centers and on rooftops.
  • Secure Access Gates – Access through steel or chain link fencing is secured by using electronic RF activated gates that can either be regular swing gates or one-way turnstiles. The gates can also be electronically controlled by a security person verifying entering personnel. For vehicular access, controlled lift gates or rolling gates can be used.

Security Cages –

Security cages are used for many applications and are made from most any type of steel depending on where they will be used and what will be stored in them.

  • Construction companies often use our cages with roofs for a secure place to store valuable supplies and tools.
  • Retail companies have hired us to create and install metal cages to store inventory, create a secure product dispensing system for consumers, or as a protective barrier for their employees or for storage in their warehouses.

Empire fence can customize any security fencing or metal cage need you might have. We have designed special use security cages and fencing for some of Arizona’s major retailers and businesses and look forward to helping you with your security needs.

To see examples of several of our latests fencing and gate projects, please view our photo gallery:

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